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The Ups & Downs of a Stay at Home Mom

In September of 2016, I became a stay at home mom. The choice wasn’t mine, I was literally thrown into it after losing my job. At first I thought, this is going to be so awesome. Sleeping in, not getting dressed until after lunch time & watching all the PVR shows I couldn’t catch up on while I was working, all while Austin watched his shows on the iPad. How wrong was I?! Oh who am I kidding, it literally is like that, except for the sleeping in & watching PVR’d shows. Haha!

Prioritizing your day with a tiny human, seems impossible some days. Especially when that tiny human is attached to your leg. There are those days when I wake up, let the dog out & feed her, get Shayla her lunch ready for school & then all of a sudden it’s magically 4pm & I got nothing done that day. Amazing how that happens. But there are those days, where I’m waiting for this tiny, ticking time bomb of child to wake up & start my never ending day. This is where, I’m wondering how this day is going to go. It’s always hit or miss, will he be a happy toddler when he wakes up or a grumpy, little, you know what? I love the mornings when he wakes up & wraps his little arms & legs around me & tells me he loves me or says something super cute like “your hair is so beautiful mommy.” Melt my friggin’ heart kid! Then there’s those mornings when he wants to stay in his crib, he doesn’t want to get out & when I leave the room & tell him to let me know when he’s ready to get out, he screams bloody murder & yells at me that he wants to come too! Seriously?!?!

Alright here was an upside of sending Austin to day-home, not having to worry about making him breakfast, lunch & snacks. Am I right? Thinking up what to make him every single day is annoyingly frustrating, especially when said child, screams at you that he doesn’t want it, or even worse, takes 2 bites & tells you that he’s full.

How about nap-time…? Yaaa, how about nap-time… I live for nap-time. My entire day revolves around that 2 hour window. I can get shit done around the house & MAYBE get in some me time, before the bomb explodes again. And then there are the days where nap time comes & goes & he’s still attached to my leg. Ugh. Which leads me to keeping a 2 year old entertained… There are only so many books, coloring activities & crafts we can do together, until the kid gets bored of that or throws a temper tantrum because E isn’t for elephant or it’s green Mommy when it’s blue. Yes, this happens on a daily basis. I can’t wait for someone to come home & take over, but you know what happens, he still comes to ME for everything! “Mommy, I need to pee”, “Mommy wipe my bum”, “No, Mommy you do it”… There are 2 other people here that are perfectly capable of helping you with these tasks kiddo. But for some reason its me, it’s ALWAYS ME!

*Ahhhh sigh.* I honestly can’t imagine my life any other way though. I admit there are days this one little person, drives me absolutely crazy. I would love nothing more than to lock myself in the laundry room with a box of cinnamon toast crunch. But when he asks me, “Mommy would you like to play with me please?” Or “Mommy you are so happy?” My heart melts. And don’t even get me started on the irresistible, kissable cheeks, which I STILL cannot stop kissing.  I love this kid so much, like sometimes I think more than I love my husband. My heart could seriously burst from all the love that consumes me. I know we all have our moments & if you’re a stay at home mom reading this, I’m sure you share my thoughts. Some days you could just strangle them & other days smother them with a pillow. But then there are those days when you could hug the shit outta them & kiss them till they’re pushing you away & telling you to stop! And I wouldn’t have it any other way or trade it for the world.


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2016 in Review

I’ve been hearing from quite a few people that 2016 was a rough year, well I’m hear to tell ya, that MY 2016 was a tough year for sure. There were illnesses, losses, trials & tribulations. It was tough as shit to say the least!

Near the end of 2015 Chris lost his job on the rig & had to come home. We were a one family income & it really took it’s toll on us as a couple & financially. Then to make things worse Chris got a terrible virus that took him out! Honestly, he was down for the count. Chris is one of the toughest, most stubborn people I know, & when an illness like this takes him out, he’s OUT! We’re talking about a guy that had shingles a few years ago & still went to work throughout the entire ordeal. This virus caused some serious sores in his mouth, so he couldn’t eat or swallow properly without excruciating pain, he suffered immensely & ended up losing 10lbs. He was down for just over a month. BUT true to his strong nature, he prevailed, fought through the sickness & scraped his way back to the healthy side & got himself a job early February 2016. There was a light at the end of the tunnel!

Next on the docket… Shayla. My teenage beauty. Near the end of February 2016 she came to me to tell me she had really bad stomach pains, we tried to ride it out at home, but the pain intensified to the point where I had to take her to emergency. Over the course of the year we were in & out of the Alberta Children’s hospital for these intense stomach pains with no diagnoses. She was poked, prodded & tested for numerous diseases, but all came back negative. She had 2 ultrasounds but nothing came back abnormal & finally 2 MRI’s. Her first MRI is what prompted our family doc to refer us to a GI Specialist. She had some mild swelling in her large intestine, very close to her appendix. Her last hospital visit we thought she had appendicitis, but it was because the swelling & pain in her large intestine was so close to the appendix, so this was not the case. Her white blood cell count was SUPER high, which indicated an infection, so she was pumped fulla morphine for her pain & kept overnight for observation. As you can imagine as a Mother, all we want is answers. We want to take the pain away from our babies, we would love nothing more than to swap places with them, we would do anything for them. It broke my heart seeing her like that. It also broke my heart that my 35th birthday was spent in the hospital, after I had planned a HUGE party to ring in my milestone age. I know I know, 35 isn’t really a HUGE milestone, but it’s that much closer to, dare I say it…40, so naturally I wanted to party like I was 30 again…  I’m totally kidding, my baby comes first & this was totally out of my hands, which I accepted. Like I said I would do anything to trade places with her at that point. SOOO even after seeing a GI Specialist with her last MRI & final tests, we still don’t know why this is happening to her. I can say this though, Shayla is a very smart girl & she’s very aware of everything that’s happening with her body. Over the last couple months, she’s changed the way she eats, increasing her veggie intake as well as her H2O intake & takes better care of herself. She is your typical teenager & eats her cookies & chips, you know, the usual teenager junk food, but she’s just that more aware of what she’s putting into her body now.

In 2016 we also experienced a loss. We lost our beloved Shar-Pei Kobe. It was one of the saddest losses I’ve ever experienced with a pet. We were there for his very last breath. It was heartbreaking. It was just after the September long weekend we found out he was in kidney failure. And it hit him HARD. We noticed while we were away in Fairmont, BC for the long weekend, that he was acting differently. He was very lethargic, not eating or drinking at all. We had to inject water into his mouth via syringe to get some sort of fluid into him. And he was starting to smell bad. We had no idea what the heck was going on. He became so weak that we had to carry him outside to go to the bathroom & carry him back in again. Chris finally took him to the animal hospital which is how we found out he was in kidney failure. The outcome isn’t very good & the chances of living through it, even with treatment are super slim. We refused treatment & decided to bring Kobe home to make him as comfortable as possible during this ordeal. It was also the time to have that heartbreaking talk of putting him to sleep. Kobe was suffering immensely, he was in pain & watching him go through that was tough. In a matter of days he deteriorated, he had lost a huge amount of weight. It was tough to watch. These pets of ours, they become part of your family & it’s hard to watch them suffer without being able to tell you exactly what’s wrong. The next day after bringing him home from the hospital, we took him back to say our goodbyes. We stayed with him right to the last breath. Something I’ve never experienced as a pet owner. One of the saddest experiences of my life, let me me tell ya!

Lastly… ME! After my maternity leave with Austin, I returned to work full time back to my job I had left for a year. When I went back in March of 2014 things had changed quite a bit. They had hired my temp full time & decided to switch me from salary to hourly. They gave my temp her own office, while keeping me as front desk reception. They had also become more tense & paranoid  because of the downturn in the economy, which led to talking to their employees like shit. My temp would often come down to her office crying because of the way she was spoken to. And this was done in front of other staff, which only made her feel more inferior. In February 2016 they decided to let her go, so I was on my own for about 3 months, until they decided to hire the VP’s daughter. Apparently she wanted to learn the biz. She started in shipping/receiving, but because things were so slow, she would come up to the front & learn everything I was doing too. So she was back & forth. Eventually she had her own space up front with me & was doing half my duties, which didn’t leave much for anyone to do to keep them busy throughout the day. Of course when that happens, people, including myself are on social media or surfing the net. In September around the same time we put Kobe down, I had noticed at work that a few of the regular social media sites I visited had been blocked. I just shrugged it off & moved on. About 2 weeks later I was called into a meeting with the President & VP. This meeting occurred in the lunchroom, not behind closed doors. The concept of our office is very open, so if someone is getting yelled at EVERYONE can hear. I was basically torn a new one for using social media during work hours & told that my work ethic was shit. I was verbally sworn at & was reminded that at my wedding which they attended, my Dad had said something jokingly about my bosses, which of course on my wedding day, I’m not going to remember that. But this was brought up in this meeting. I held my shit together long enough, but when I finally broke I was told to stop crying & that I was a grown woman. He also told me I was also a fool. We had a women in the office that day that works there on contract, she was there dealing with our software issues. She told me that she had heard the entire thing while down in reception. She said that she was surprised I stayed & that she would have left. She also told me that I was bullied & that I should look for another job. I stayed because I had to, because I was paid hourly & couldn’t afford not to be there.

Anyway, after that incident, the verbal abuse didn’t stop. I was sworn at & yelled at for the most trivial things. My privacy was invaded & I found a printed email by accident (in a pile of credit card receipts that I was to match up) between myself & a girlfriend about my anxiety. Now they were monitoring my personal emails. I would go home crying everyday to Chris. I would have the worst anxiety & stomach aches, thinking about going to work the next day. I wasn’t sleeping or eating properly. I also developed a very bad eye twitch. Things got so bad that I was even having suicidal thoughts. Not to the point of wanting to physically hurt myself, but wishing for something bad to happen on the way to work, so I wouldn’t have to go. Suicidal thoughts are no joke you guys, so recognizing this, I took myself to the doctor to tell him what was going on. He immediately wanted to put me on stress leave, but my company didn’t have short term disability & with me being paid by the hour, I couldn’t afford the 2 weeks off. So feeling better that I had all this legally documented, I went to work the next day. Things were good that day, well, as good as they could be, until about an hour before my day ended. So in addition to everything being monitored on my desk, I was told I had to keep my phone off my desk & in my purse until my break, if my phone was found on my desk, I would be fired. Well an hour before my day ended, my phone was vibrating like crazy in my purse, in the cupboard. I could hear it going off. I thought this was unusual, so checking my phone quickly, I found out that, it was Shayla calling me, she thought she had broken her finger. I asked her if she could ride out the last 45 minutes of school & she said yes. But while I was texting this, the VP’s daughter that was still in training, (I might remind you) was walking past my desk. She basically asked me what the hell I was doing & told me to put my phone away right now. I honestly thought she was joking. So after questioning her, she continues to say to me, in the snarkiest voice, “I don’t give a shit if so & so isn’t here right now, put your phone away now!” And she turned on her heel & walked off. I was shocked. Who the hell did she think was?! She’d been there for 4 months, I had been there for 6 years, she was in training for crying out loud! So true to form, I left that day in tears, wondering what the hell was happening in my place of work. The next day was my day off, so I took myself back to the doctors, I could barely keep it together while I was there. My blood pressure was taken as a precaution & my doc had heard enough. He put me on stress leave right then & there, no arguments. After I left my doctor’s office, I called our HR lady, which is also the President’s wife. When I told her I was taking stress leave, she didn’t ask what was wrong, how I was doing, or what was going on. She proceeded to tell me that I was letting them down & putting them in a bad spot. Absolutely no compassion from this woman. The very next day, on Saturday morning, I opened my personal email to find a message from HR that I was laid off due to shortage of work. I was shocked, but also relieved that I didn’t have to go back to that hell hole. I could breath again. But this story isn’t over. I was dicked around trying to get my final pay & ROE, I had a package that was delivered there & I wasn’t told about. My emails to them were ignored. I feel like I don’t have closure. I wasn’t given the opportunity to say goodbye to the people that I did actually enjoy working with. It still bothers me to this day. I do have a claim in with Human Rights to fight the wrongful termination against them, so I’m still waiting on that. No news yet.

So how’s that for a year in review? Haha. Pretty intense to say the least. I can say this though my family is happy & healthy, we have a roof over our heads. I’m working my home business now full time which makes me so happy. I’m a full time stay at home mom & I love being here with my son.  And other than that, there could be some other news coming down the pipe, but you’ll have to stay tuned for that.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the read! Please like or comment below so I know you’ve read my post! And thanks for the support!


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The Deluxe Diner

There’s nothing like having the day off work & taking your beautiful daughter out for a spontaneous breakfast. We don’t ever have moments alone like this very often, what with a little brother that constantly follows us around wanting “uppies” all the time, it makes it very difficult to sneak away for a mother/daughter outing with a toddler stuck to your hip. Haha. So we dropped him off at dayhome & went over to the Diner Deluxe in Aspen Landing. I’ve been to the diner once before with my hubby & loved it! So I thought I’d treat my gorgeous teenager!

The Diner Deluxe is located in the heart of Aspen Landing shopping centre. It has a rustic feel when you walk in & the staff are so welcoming.

The chairs are so brightly colored & the view from the lounge… WOW!! My daughter & I sat in the lounge this time. But for larger parties & those with kids, downstairs has larger diner style booths & a play area for the kiddos. Not to mention the large windows downstairs too that look onto the pond behind the shopping centre!

I never know what the heck to order for breakfast, I’m always torn between salty & sweet! But this morning I went for salty. I ordered the Eggs Benedict with Jalapeno Chorizo & Sauteed Spinach. This delish dish came with a side of Rosemary Hash Browns, which DO NOT need a side of ketchup. They are sooo unbelievably good on their own. Amazeballs! 😛

2015-11-20 14.16.09

My daughter has a major sweet tooth so she ordered the Chocolate Banana French Toast. Oh gosh, it was so tasty, I had to sneak a bite.

2015-11-20 14.14.30

So if you’re looking for a place to dine on a whim, head on over to the Diner Deluxe. They do take reservations too which I do recommend making for a Friday or Saturday night, if you’re looking to head out for date night. OR for Sunday morning brunch, they do book up quite quickly. Follow this link to make your reservations today!

And let me know how you enjoyed your experience at the Diner Deluxe!!!

2015-11-20 14.13.50

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Holiday Hunny Challenge

Operation **Holiday Hunny** is now underway. 👗🎄

I’m hosting another fitness challenge group & I want YOU to join me.
Every women should own a little black dress & every women should wear it proud! This Christmas do you want to feel comfortable in your own skin? Do you want to feel sexy & confident in whatever you wear this holiday season? Do you want to show off all your hard work?

I am here to help you find the right fitness program, the right eating plan for you & your family! I am here to make all of this easy on you.  All you have to do it join!

All of the game planning & tools in the world will only get you so far. I have found that support & accountability takes you to the FINISH LINE & BEYOND. With this group you are going to be joined by 5-10 other women who will be your sisters on this journey to a healthier new you!
We are going to check in with one another daily, offer each other support, participate in mini challenges for a chance to win prizes!! This is a no fail solution.

There are no wraps, pills or starving yourself. This is real work, real health & real weight loss!

Let’s lose 15lbs this winter, rather than gain it!! 💪👊

Please click here & I’ll reach out to you asap so that we can set you up with a game plan for a successful holiday season. 🎄


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It Starts With YOU!!!

Thanksgiving – CHECK!
Halloween – CHECK!

What’s next? Dare I say it…? CHRISTMAS!!! Oh my goodness, where did the year go??! Never mind that, where did the last couple months go?!?!

2015-10-24 17.25.39Have you set your intentions for the rest of the year? I know there isn’t much left to the year, but you can accomplish so much in the next 2 months!

Do you want to feel sexy & confident at your work or family xmas party?
Do you want to show off those sexy arms & legs instead of covering them up?
Do you want to eat a Christmas cookie, without the guilt?

I’m looking for 5-10 women who want to make a change this holiday season. Whether it’s losing weight or toning up. 30 minutes of exercise a day IS ALL IT TAKES! Plus an easy to follow meal guide, with healthy delicious food to help kickstart your fitness journey!

Listen, no one said it would be easy, but you have to take that first step, the first step to success! Sooooo, ARE YOU READY?!

“Many improvements fail because people are not ready to change or to take actions and risks. Most importantly—some people don’t believe in the possibility of change…and if you can’t believe it, you can’t achieve it.”

Please click here to register for my next Challenge! Remember that first step starts with YOU!!


Fruit & Nut PB Balls

Om nom nom, get in ma belly right now! These are a fav of mine & a great late afternoon pick-me-up. So easy to make, no bake, just refrigerate.

Make sure your dried fruit & almonds are already pre chopped. I like to do this beforehand so the ingredients are just ready to toss into the pot. You can use any kind of dried fruit you like, just make sure that they’re sweetened naturally. My fav is dried apricots. Dried cranberries or raisins would work well in this recipe as well.

2015-10-27 21.34.04 2015-10-27 21.31.44

Next take your all natural PB & honey & put them in a pot on low heat. Let them melt & mix until smooth. Remove from heat & add the rolled oats. We use gluten free Only OatsThen add your fruit, coconut & chopped almonds.

2015-10-27 21.32.17 2015-10-27 21.32.42 2015-10-27 21.33.33

Mix together until all ingredients are combined. Put the mixture in the fridge for at least 45 minutes, until the mixture is manageable enough to roll.

2015-10-27 21.35.50

While you’re waiting, this would be a good time to read up on my latest fitness challenge & think about your goals for the remainder of the year & 2016. 😉 You can read all about that herePlease message me for details if you’re interested. 🙂

Alright so your mixture should be stiff enough to roll into bite sized balls. Using a teaspoon, I scoop out the mixture & gently roll into little balls. Refrigerate for at least 4-6 hours or overnight before consuming.

2015-10-28 10.11.55 2015-10-28 10.12.14

This is the simplest ingredient list ever!
All ingredients measure out equally to 1/2 cup
*All natural PB
*Dried fruit of your choice (I like dried apricots)
*Unsalted almonds
*Coconut flakes
My Fitness Journey

Transformation Tuesday Post

It’s TRANSFORMATION TUESDAY! I know I’ve shared my story before, but sometimes I still can’t get over my before & after pictures!

I was 30lbs overweight, I didn’t care about what I was putting into my body, I didn’t drink water, I just didn’t care about myself. I tried Jenny Craig & lost all the weight, but I honestly didn’t work out once!! Do you know how long I kept the weight off for? Maybe 6 months… I had to do something about this, because I wanted to be happy with myself, I wanted to be happy with the person I was looking at in the mirror at that time, & I wasn’t.

After doing a ton of research online about what fitness groups were out there. I came across one called Tone It Up. This kickstarted my fitness journey. I was learning how to eat healthy & more frequently, I was learning about my water intake, I started working out more but most importantly I was taking care of me. I started to love the person I saw in the mirror, <—– Did you see what I said there? I loved, not liked, loved the person I saw in the mirror.

When I had Austin & was cleared to exercise again by my doctor, I remembered how great I felt pre pregnancy & I wanted to feel that way again. So I started working out & eating healthy again, but I had plateaued with my workouts & needed something more. That’s when I was approached by a couple wonderful ladies asking me if I had ever thought about becoming a coach. I always knew that I wanted to help people achieve the same goals I had, that had the same mindset as I did. And that’s when I decided to become a BeachBody Coach. I’ve been a coach now for almost 2 months & I’m already starting to notice different changes in my body. I’m toning up more, I see a 6-pack coming through. My arms feel leaner. I feel fantastic overall!

No one said this journey would be easy, no one told me how bad it would hurt some days. But you know what? I pushed through, I got through each workout & let me tell you, I definitely think it was worth it! And if I can do it, so can YOU!!!

THEN - 2012

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I AM Human, After all…

It’s confession time, this coach was a super lazy sack of potatoes yesterday! Lol.

After a night of partying with my girlfriend’s, for our girl’s last hurrah as a single gal, I was totally & completely out of commission yesterday.
As you can imagine having a toddler that still wakes 1-2 times a night & loves waking mommy up at 6am, coming home at 2:30am & only getting a couple hours of sleep, I was a walking zombie!!
I barely ate & when I did it was comfort foods. And when I say comfort foods, I mean guilty pleasure, not so great for you, comfort foods. I could only drink 16oz of water & supper time was 3 pieces of greasy pizza with a glass of coke. Hey you know what?! I may be a health & wellness coach, but I’m also human. 😀 I work really hard to be fit & healthy so one day off isn’t so bad & I don’t feel guilty about it at all!

2015-10-26 08.38.27I never thought I would say this in my lifetime, but I was actually looking forward to this morning, Monday morning & drinking my Shakeology. Shakeology is something that lives up to what my body needs for a daily dose of dense nutrition. Shakeology supports the body in doing what it needs to do to heal. Which is exactly what I need today!!!

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The Results Are In! 3-Day Refresh Complete!

Do you ever feel like your pants fit just a little too tight after a holiday weekend? Family dinners, lots of treats, alcohol… So many temptations all around us! WELL after over indulging on Thanksgiving ham (yep, no turkey) & pumpkin pie, I decided to give the 3-Day Refresh a try.

2015-10-14 20.04.08

Basically the 3-Day Refresh is the newest craze in body cleansing. It’s for 3 days only, there are 3 shakes a day, plus a fiber sweep drink once a day & then you get to eat a variety of fresh fruits & veggies! Oh & not to mention the large consumption of water! Holy moly! So it’s not a crazy fasting, no food type of cleanse.

Day 1 for me was okay, no issues, no feelings of being famished. I actually enjoyed the shakes & the fiber sweep was a little grainy, but not bad tasting at all. Day 2 was a little rough… I found I was getting hungry & wanting more, but I stuck through it & made it through the day. Day 3 was the easiest day for me. I think because I knew it was my last day & I had done it!!! After the 3 days I have to admit I feel lighter & regenerated, like I did something really great for my body!

I would recommend the 3-Day Refresh after a holiday weekend of indulgence. After a vacation of too many mai tai’s perhaps or just for a “tune-up”. I’ll definitely be doing another round after the Christmas/New Year holiday. Whose with me?

For more information on the 3-Day Refresh, please click here.

My Fitness Journey, The Vikings Wife

Clean Eating & Meal Prepping

This week I’m hosting my very first Clean Eating Challenge!! And with that, there was a ton of meal prep involved. I got my group of girls to get their grocery shop on & then on Sunday… MEAL PREP! I got involved as well & it took a good 2-3 hours to get everything done.


This is the first time, I’ve actually done a weeks worth of prepping & I have to say, it’s really paid off. I usually get my meals together the night before, which usually involves leftovers from supper for lunch the next day & if there are no leftovers, then I have to think of something to put together. But with me cooking up all my protein for the week, all I have to do is get the veggies ready which doesn’t take long at all, because I chopped them all up, put them in baggies & they’re ready to go whenever I need to roast them up! Pretty awesome hey?

2015-10-04 15.00.23 2015-10-04 17.51.07

These group of girls I’m working with are so awesome & totally motivating each other! They are from all walks of life with different stories, but the way they’ve reached out to one another & support one another blows me away! They post their clean meals daily & complete the daily challenges I give them! They are totally killin’ it!

If you would like to be apart of my next Free Clean Eating Group, comment above with your email & I’d be happy to help you get a kickstart on your fitness journey!

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It’s Tea Time!

On Sunday my girlfriend & I decided to go for tea & scones at this quaint little cafe located in Glenmore Landing called The Dove’s Nest. I had never heard of it before, but let me tell you, the experience was like no other! Not your typical Starbucks or Second Cup.

2015-09-27 13.30.58

This place was nestled right in the heart of Glenmore Landing. says “one of the top ten tea rooms in Canada!” Over a 100 teas to select from! They even offer High Tea – Which has attracted customers from across the world… with assorted sandwiches, scones, and scrumptious desserts. You can actually have a real life tea party with your friends & family!

The pale yellow walls & flower print table cloths gave this place a warm & inviting feel. Kind of gives you the warm & fuzzies. Not to mention the lovely staff, that were so attentive & informative as well with the tea selections! Antique looking cabinets were filled with little, dainty tea cups & matching saucers & then of course, the tea! Rows upon rows of loose leaf tea in clear glass jars, placed on beautiful, antique, wooden shelves!

2015-09-27 13.30.022015-09-27 13.30.44

My girlfriend & I ordered scones to snack on. Oh my gosh. Melt in your mouth, warm, goodness! So delicious! I ordered the Orange Cranberry White Chocolate scone with the Long Island Strawberry Green Tea. Wow!! I can’t say enough. The tea came in these lovely, steel, tea pots & the scones came with a side of preserves & butter. Just delicious!

2015-09-27 13.29.35

I highly recommend paying a visit to this lovely little jewel of a cafe. You won’t regret it. We’ll be going back again soon! I’ll be dreaming of those scones until then. 🙂

My Fitness Journey, The Vikings Wife

I’m a Health & Wellness Coach

Hey everyone, well it’s official!!! I am a Health & Wellness Coach! I couldn’t be more excited about this new chapter in my life & see where it takes me!!

For those of you that don’t know about Beach Body, maybe you’ve heard of P90X or the 21 Day Fix? Awesome, awesome programs, that have been proved to work for weight loss, toning up & overall self improvement! Here’s a link to my personal profile for more information.


So as a coach, I set up Challenge groups once a month in Facebook. My first challenge is the 21 Day Fix program. In my group you get a constant source of positive reinforcement that will give you that PUSH to commit, to show you how this is done in a simple way, that will set you up for success that is sustainable. It’s all about motivation & inspiring one another to achieve success. And I am there as your coach to support you every step of the way. Seriously, this group I have going right now is going to kick butt!! Here’s a quick preview to the 21 Day Fix program:

If you would like more information about my challenge groups & what these programs can do for you, please comment above & I’d be happy to fill you. 🙂20150804_142203

Recipes, The Vikings Wife

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies

So as promised here’s the recipe for those delicious cookies I baked this weekend. I can’t take credit for the recipe, but I can share it with you all. 🙂 I found that these were best consumed after they were refrigerated overnight. So friggin’ good!!! This recipe called for 12 cookies, but I managed to get 15 cookies out of the dough.

2015-09-18 16.02.32

First preheat your oven to 350F.

What you’ll need:

1 flax egg (one tbsp. ground flax meal mixed with 3 tbsp. of water)

1 cup natural peanut butter

1/2 cup coconut sugar

1/2 cup Perfect Fit Protein or your fav protein powder.

2 tbsp. of cacao powder

Now mix all your ingredients together. I used a tablespoon to measure out each ball of dough. Form into balls & press down using a crisscross pattern with a fork. Like I said, I thought these tasted way better after a day in the fridge. I did try a couple or maybe 3 right after they came out of the oven & I found the texture quite thick, so the refrigeration helped! Let me know what you think! Here’s the original recipe off Instagram for those of you that wanted to check it out. 😉

2015-09-18 16.03.12

The Vikings Wife

What I Ate This Weekend

Happy Monday everyone! Hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine was pretty low key, not much to report. The kids kept me pretty busy around the house, so not much time to get out & about this weekend.

I wanted to share with you though what I ate this weekend. When the weekend rolls around, a lot of people tend to forget their healthy habits & indulge more. Which is definitely okay. I think if you’ve worked hard all week, then why not have a treat, you deserve it! 😉 But for me, this weekend was all about clean eating. I’ve indulged quite a bit this past week, so I wanted to get back on track & feed my body the right way. Lots of greens, veggies, protein, healthy snacks & of course tons of water!

One of my favorite fruits is the avocado. Yep it’s a fruit for those of you that didn’t know. Full of nutrients & vitamins, including C, E, K & B-6. Avocados are also an excellent source of healthy mono & polyunsaturated fats, as well as omega-3’s, which are beneficial for cardiovascular health. I could go on & on about this delicious green jewel, but I’ll just tell you how I enjoyed it for breakfast. My all time favorite way to enjoy this fruit is by mashing it up with a little S&P & chili flakes & spreading it on my toast. Soooo yummy!

2015-09-19 08.37.42

This weekend I baked up a batch of healthy, chocolate, peanut butter protein cookies! I’ll post that recipe later today. 🙂 So my mid-morning snack was 2 of those delicious cookies with my homemade detox tea.

2015-09-18 16.02.32 2015-09-18 16.03.12 2015-09-19 11.24.31

Lunch time is always tricky for me on the weekends. Nothing is prepped, which is what I usually do during the week, so I know what I’m eating. But weekends are a little different. I had some leftover ground chicken taco meat, so I decided to make a salad out of it. A hefty bowl of spinach, topped with orange peppers, avocado (of course) a little bit of cheddar cheese, plain greek yogurt instead of sour cream, salsa & then the ground chicken. It was perfection!

2015-09-19 15.06.30

My late afternoon snack was a quick one. It’s one of my on the go snacks, when I’m running out the door. I found this bar recently at my local organic food market. I love it! Qia bar. Made with all natural, organic ingredients, it’s the perfect pick-me-up when you’re feeling in a slump & need a quick energy fix.

2015-09-19 17.48.49

Finally my last meal of the day – Supper for one please!! My husband is away, working up North for the next couple weeks & my daughter was out babysitting. So I had to whip something up for myself. I had some leftover chicken breast in the fridge, just waiting to be whipped up into some delicious meal. So I made a quinoa bowl with green peppers, carrots & a delicious homemade apple cider vinegar dressing. So yummy!! Wonderful way to end the day!

2015-09-19 19.59.25

So there you have it! What I ate this weekend. 🙂 For any recipes you might be interested in, please comment above & let me know. I hope most of you stayed on track this weekend with your meals & if you didn’t, that’s okay too. Just remember this is a new week, a new day & it’s never too late to start eating clean & healthy.

The Vikings Wife

Fun Times in Fairmont, BC

Chris & I decided to spend the weekend, child & fur baby free this weekend in Fairmont, BC. It’s been a long time since we had a weekend alone & let me tell you, it was wonderful! We actually invited a couple friends out to keep us company too. We had a blast! And boy were we busy!

Saturday morning I decided to make us a delicious breakfast that I found on Pinterest. Sweet potato hash. Holy smokes, was it ever yummy & a huge hit too! Here’s the link to the recipe for those of you that want to give it a try… And I do recommend trying it out!

2015-09-13 13.54.32

So after our very filling, super yummy breakfast, we decided to head out for a hike, up to the hoodoos. It wasn’t a very challenging hike, but the view at the top was spectacular!! Absolutely breathtaking!

2015-09-13 13.55.28 2015-09-13 13.56.04 2015-09-13 13.57.22

After the hike it was back to the trailer & off to the Columbia River. We were hoping to see the Salmon Run, but it’s still too early in the season, but of course the boys wanted to see if they could catch a couple fish. So they had to try! We had a great time, just relaxing, socializing & watching the guys TRY to catch the fish. Lol.

2015-09-13 13.59.342015-09-13 13.59.20 2015-09-13 13.59.59

So after our relaxing afternoon in the sun, we decided it was time for a quick bite to eat. We noshed on salami, cheese & crackers. Not the most spectacular lunch, but when you’re out in the sun & relaxing like that, I find you don’t get as hungry. So it was the perfect snack for me. We decided to drive up past our hiking trail from the morning & see if we could get a little 4x4ing in. Man was that ever fun, I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard! Then we found a place to park up & shoot some guns! All very safely of course. My husband took a course on gun safety, so he properly instructed us on how to handle the gun & load it & what not. We were mainly doing some target practice with a few pop cans & then some skeet shooting. It was such an adrenaline rush!!!

2015-09-13 14.01.13 2015-09-13 14.00.30

So after a very busy, activity packed day, we decided to take it up to the Fairmont Hotsprings for a nighttime soak. With the pink/orange sunset dropping behind the gorgeous rocky mountains, you can’t help but feel like you’re in paradise. It was a truly wonderful weekend.

On Sunday, Chris & I decided to make a quick stop on the way home & take a couple more pictures. The river is seriously so green & crystal clear, it’s just beautiful!

2015-09-13 14.02.41 2015-09-13 14.03.02

How did everyone else spend their weekend? I’d love to hear all about it. Comment below! xoxo